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Elevate the sophistication of any home or office with distinguished, high-quality molding. We will get you all set up swiftly to ensure that your project is completed on time!


Architectural Woodworking’s mission is to make it easy and affordable for customers to receive custom wood molding. Our catalog includes over 250 unique in-house profiles that are all paint grade level, so you can expect an exceptional result regardless of your choice! If a one-of-a kind profile is what you’re looking for then we encourage our architects and designers to get creative with their designs. All we need from you is either a sample picture or sketch of the design desired, and our team will craft a perfect match just like how you envisioned it!


When you’re remodeling, it can be a challenge to find wood molding that coordinates with the rest of your home. That’s why Architectural Woodworking is here! We specialize in matching existing trim and moldings so that your renovation project will look beautiful and blend seamlessly into the rest of your house. All we need from you is a small sample of what already exists – with this, we’ll craft an exact custom-made knife match for perfect continuity throughout!

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